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Adult Jindo dog art reference
Goryeo is an almost 5 year old Korean Jindo. This image is offered for artistic reference purposes. Do not redistribute the photo. If you use him as a reference, please feel free to share a link as I'd love to see. :)


StrawberryGumiho's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Heya, I'm Dani! Some people may know me as Rage.

I currently live in Florida, but I bounce around quite a bit.

I'm not as artfully inclined as I used to be. Well, not with pen and pencil at least. I do still enjoy hand-crafts, paper art and mail art. I'm more here to admire the work of others for now. And perhaps post things now and then.

I enjoy making envelopes, gift bags and gift boxes. Handmade cards, decorated packages, dabbling with crochet, cross-stitch and sewing. I enjoy sketching also, but I haven't done so in a while. I'm completely useless with digital arts so far.

I am a massive, incurable strawberry addict. I collect pretty much anything strawberry themed.

Arts & Crafts I dabble with:
* Needle felting
* Crochet
* Embroidery & Cross Stitch
* Sketching
* watercolor
* Custom stationary (business cards, envelopes, cards)
* Victorian hand crafts
* Sewing (mainly hand-stitching, learning to use a machine)
* stamp carving

Random FAQ and inquiries from my life:

* Are you a photographer?
- Nope. I don't even know how to use a camera properly. I just happen to get lucky now and then with a semi-decent shot.

* Are you an artist?
- Artsy? Yes. Artist? No, not really. I just meddle around with a bunch of stuff.

* Do you do commissions?
- ... For what? o.0 I wouldn't advise it... But sure, what the heck, live dangerously and all that jazz.

* I love strawberries too!
- Fan girl squeal... Mine. >:{ No touchy.

* Your cat looks evil...
- And thats because she is.

* How old are you?
- ... Old.

* Are Jindo as hyper as I've heard?
- More so, Paem bounces off walls.

* Do you speak Korean?
- I know a little bit, I'm still learning.

* You live in Korea, but you don't look Asian... (No seriously, I've gotten this before)
- Thats because I'm not...

* You ramble a lot.
- Well, I find rambling to distraction is more socially acceptable to smacking people in the face and breaking things... So... Coffee anyone?

* You seem obsessed with stickers...
- Am not...

* You seem kinda childish...
- Thank heavens for that.

* You're so sweeet/cute?
- Like the little bunny of Caerbannog.

The strawberry avatar I am using is the "kirakiraichigo" avitar by DA member: firstfear.

Devious Journal Entry

Fri May 10, 2013, 8:20 AM


Find Me


Still living... Which of course means more rambling (I talk to walls, animals and empty online profiles... Its therapeutic, I'm not crazy I swear... (My mother had me tested... hehe)

So, its been a while... Lots has happened. I've been absorbed in needle felting lately and have made some puppies and cell charms. This craft is pretty pricey, but its simple and enjoyable none the less.

I also have a puppy now, a rambunctious little Korean Jindo. His registered name is "Goryeo" (after the Korean Dynasty) and his house name is "Yong Paem" (Dragon snake / Brave Serpent), "Paem" for short. He is 4 months old and a hyper, stubborn little pain in the but. I'm head over heels for him though.

Freya is not impressed though. And the first few weeks I had to start separating her when I was working on training with him. Training sessions went like this:

"Paem, Anjo!" Paem sits, I give a treat.
Freya notices treats : "Wtf is the dog getting food for?!"
"Paem, Nuo!" Paem drops to the ground, I start to hand him a treat.
Freya dashes in, shoves his head to the ground and takes the treat.
Paem gives her a dirty look.
"Paem, Son" Paem hands over paw...
Freya starts in and Paem body checks her for the treat.
Next trick, Freya checks him and BITES me to get the treat.
Paem bops her head to the ground and takes the treat.

It was ridiculous. I admit I was laughing pretty hard after a bit.
And I'm now training Paem not to pounce on the cat. He doesn't bite her, but he hops in the air and just plops down on her. Paem is turning out fairly well, so he'll hopefully be set to start showing at around 7 months or so. He has also just started blowing his puppy coat... And yes, I admit I've been saving the fur from his brushings for a needle felted miniature Paem. Yes, I know I'm creepy. Cute Jindo puppy voodoo dolls and cell charms, yay!

Hubby and I have also been addicted to Game of Thrones, Walking Dead and Big Bang Theory (I'm sure you caught on to the latter already).

I'm not sure if I should feel ashamed that I was SUPREMELY happy when Andrea finally kicked the bucket. She really was there to do nothing but make stupid decisions. She drove me NUTS. And I kind of feel that they've really slacked off with the last few episodes. Eh, we'll see what happens in the next season.

Game of Thrones is just... Epic. I'm in love with it. I haven't read the novels and I'm getting the feeling I'm really missing out, so they're on my list of things to read. Maybe after I finish up my last few Phillipa Gregory novels.

And I'm really the worst tourist and blogger EVER. Yep. EVER. I can't remember my camera to save my life and I seem to only manage random rambling blurbs every once in a blue moon. Yay me? I need to work on that. I have gathered up a bunch of stuff to host a give away, so maybe I'll do that soon. I've also done quite a few trips lately: Two Buddhist temples, Nonsan Strawberry festival, Jindo Island sea parting festival and a Butterfly park. And I went to Everland last Halloween (OMG, it was epic. I wanted to steal all the decorations and have Halloween all year round for the rest of my life!) And then I visited my family in Florida for a surprise visit to my Mother, and got to go trick or treating with my nephew (he was a cowboy).

I plan to head back to Florida to visit my Mother again in August, her health isn't doing so hot so we decided to cancel the trip we were planning to Japan so I can go see her again. And I'll be taking Paem with me. Weird fact: It is easier to bring a pet into Korea than it is to get a pet out of Korea. No joke.

And... Lets see... I'm trying to improve my over all health and well-being... I'm working out more again, trying to trim back up and lose a bit of weight. (Many Korean foods may be healthy, but it will pack some weight on you quick if you're not careful). I'm trying to cut back on coffee *cries* T,T  And eat healthier.

Sooooo.... Yes.... Rambliing.... Hmmm... Um... I like sharpie markers? And I don't have a sticker addiction...


I should probably go to sleep.

Go in peace, but not pieces 'cause that would be unpleasant.

Yeah... Sleep.


:iconfirstfear: :iconkandi-kidz:
:iconkawiku: :iconclefairykid:


I don't currently offer commissions for anything except handmade envelopes... I know, soooo exciting right? XP

I am looking to commission lay outs and web materials for my Blogger, Swap-bot, Etsy & Storenvy accounts.

Or "Fan Art" of Freya or Popo. ^^


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